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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need Special Software To Make Updates?
o special software is needed for updates. You can access our content management system any time and from any computer as long as it’s connected to our servers through the Internet. Making changes in our system is as easy as using a word processor or sending an email.

What Do I Need To Upload Files?
File uploads are also handled through our server interface with no extra tools and no special settings needed on your PC.

How Much Space Do I Have for Photos and Documents?
There are no restrictions to files, sizes or file types that are uploaded to your site. 

Can I Add More Pages To My Website?
Our content management allows for  you to add UNLIMITED new pages to your website.

Can I Make Documents And PDF Files Available?
There are no restrictions on uploading, placing and opening doc or pdf files on our websites. There is no size limitation for these files, but uploads of large files may take a significant amount of time to appear onscreen, so it is best to keep things simple.

When My Website Is Built, Will I Be Able To Update?
All of our sites are custom made, built around your preferences. You have control over all of the content and most graphic images. To change the layout, menu location or graphic header, please contact our technical department. This is considered a chargeable upgrade.

How Secure Are Your Servers?
Since we do not allow FTP access to our system, security against viruses and hackers is tight. We have additional safeguards for fire, overheating and down time.

What Training Do I Need To Manage My Website?
Our system is designed with the team approach in mind. Users with very little technical knowledge can make updates as easily as typing an email. We take usually one hour to train you or your people. This can even be done by phone - it's that simple. This makes it possible for you to manage your website alone, delegate the duty to an employee, or even split duties among various departments, enabling you to keep your website continually fresh and current.

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