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Posted: 9/30/2011
Better Placement with Major Search Engines
By Staff
We frequently get questions from customers about better placement of your website on major search engines or Search Engine Optimization such as AOL, Google, Yahoo and Bing. Admittedly we have very little control over how websites are ranked mainly because each search engine uses a slightly different algorithm. So if you rank as #1 on Yahoo but show up as #7 on Google, you may have to decide which search engine is most important to you so you can generate the appropriate algorithim to match.
In general, there are some safe tips you can use for all search engines giving you an overall search engine optimization. Here are just of few of our ideas:
1. Submit Your Website To Search Engines - Each site has a slightly different way of submitting your site for consideration in a search engine's directory. Each search engine will require you to set up an account however and install a piece of code used to verify or authenticate you site. 
2. Verify Page Content - Carefully review pages of your website verifying that each page displays relative content to your company name, purpose of the page, product and service descriptions and geographical information such as your company's address. Relative content means if you are on the ABOUT US PAGE, you should display information about your company, it's goals and address/location. Make sure your company name is mentioned in the content.
3. Page Title, Page Description & Keywords - Using text on any page of your website, develop a keyword list, page title, description and site name that are directly relative to the subject discussed. Each page should have it's own Page Title, Description & Keywords. It is important not to use the exact same keywords on every page of the website.
4. Site Name - Your site description or name should reflect your company's name and a key phrase that best describes your products and services.
5. Alt Text or Title - Whenever possible, it is important to use ALT or Title text for pictures describing the picture and relative information to the page content.
6. Physical Page Name - Often search engines will identify a key phrase on a website based on a page name. If for example the name of the site is Crescent Homes, you may want to have a page called about_crescent_homes.html
7. Blogs, Social Networks and Forums - Become a member of a forum, social network or Blog and use your company's web address when making comments. Often search engines will index your site based on information the electronic robots find in these programs.
Physical Page Name: cokers_crossing.asp
Page Description: Crescent Homes at Coker's Crossing in Goose Creek are nestled in the disirable northwest area of Charleston. Homes from $130,000, A Great Place To Live
Keywords: new homes in Goose Creek,Crescent Homes,northwest Charleston homes,Coker's Crossing,energy efficient new homes,Highway 52 Charleston,red brick entrance way,two-story colonial style,new homes,ranch homes,charleston neighborhoods,neighborhood park,goose creek homes,goose creek property, www.cokerscrossing.net
Page Title: Goose Creek New Homes
Site Name: Crescent Homes | New Homes in Charleston
Content: Our new homes in Goose Creek are nestled in the disirable northwest area of Charleston. Coker's Crossing is an easy place to call home, featuring energy efficient new homes with a personal touch. Right off Highway 52, it offers simple access to all Charleston has to offer, just off the beaten path, but not so far from it all. Its red brick entranceway welcomes you home to this new charming community boasting a neighborly feel.
Offering everything from a variety of two-story colonial style new homes to an easier to maintain ranch, Coker's Crossing is a new community built for meeting and enjoying neighbors. With streetlights and sidewalks that line both sides of the road, children can be seen playing, bikers can enjoy riding, and walkers can be found rambling. As each new home is constructed, friendships are made and neighborhoods are completed. And, staying true to the goal, Coker's Crossing will soon unveil a new welcoming neighborhood park and a fun-filled new children's play area. Come to Coker's Crossing and welcome your neighbors as your friends. Fall in love with one of our new homes today!
These are just the basics however we hope this information will help you gain better exposure to search engine organic searches. Georgia Hosting has built-in utilities automatically included in our content manager to assist you with keywords, page descriptions, site name and page name.
For more information on how we can help you with search engine optimization and marketing, call us at 770-356-5173.
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